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Golf course is open for play (weather permitting), April 3 to November 27, 2024.




Golf course is open for play (weather permitting), April 3 to November 27, 2024.


  • Players must call the Pro Shop (914) 769-2809, ext 1, for tee times, book a tee time online @ or download the “Chronogolf” app.
  • All Members and guests are required to register in the Pro Shop before starting to play and should report not less than 10 minutes prior to their tee time ready to play. Late comers may lose their tee time.
  • Playing during evening hours without a tee time is not permissible.
  • All players must have their own bag and clubs. Playing out of one bag, by two or more people, is not permitted.
  • All persons using the golf course or practice facility do so at their own risk and sole responsibility. Its mandatory, that members/guests check in at Pro Shop to verify if the golf range is open and available for practice.
  • Resident Members must call the Pro Shop when intending to play just a few holes. This ensures that golfers already on the course are not interrupted and minimizes the risk of being hit by golf balls. Any Member not reporting to the Pro Shop before going out will be advised to leave the course.
  • Members are required to call the Pro Shop to cancel tee times.
  • Members who fail to call the Pro Shop to cancel a weekend morning tee time will lose morning privileges for the following weekend.
  • Children under 12 are not allowed to play on the golf course without adult supervision. Each individual family member under 12 years of age must be certified to play golf by our PGA Director of Golf. Minors are not permitted to drive a golf cart.
  • Children under 8 are not allowed on the golf course.

  • Members must sign in guests at the Pro Shop before a round and may only play from the 1st tee.
  • Members with a guest(s) must use a cart(s) if available. Our guest fee includes our cart fee whether the guest rides or walks the golf course. 
  • Guests are subject to the same rules as their host. It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure that their guests comply with all PCC rules.
  • A person may be the guest of a Non-Resident Member at the Pleasantville Country Club a maximum of eight times per year. A guest of a Non-Resident may play a maximum of two times in a calendar month.

    9 Holes

    18 Holes

    Cart Fees:



    Guest Fees (including cart):







    Rates are subject to change. Please go online @ or call the Pro Shop to check current rates.


  • Players must sign in and pay for carts before starting play.
  • Golf cart operators must have a valid driver’s license. No more than two people are allowed in a cart. Any golf cart operator who permits a person to stand on the back of a golf cart while in motion is subject to immediate dismissal from the golf course.
  • Carts must stay on paved or designated paths near tees and greens. Drivers must obey posted signs.
  • Carts may never be parked or left unattended on the street! Park carts in the designated areas near tees and greens.
  • Carts are mandatory before 2:00 pm on weekends and holidays throughout the season.


  • Play as quickly as possible and avoid unnecessary delays. Leave the green promptly. Nine holes should be played in 2 hours or less. (Pace of play means keeping up with the group in front of you, not behind you).
  • A group that loses more than one clear hole must permit players they are holding up to play through. It is the duty of players entitled to go through, to insist upon their right to ensure speedy play.
  • Any group who slows down play and refuses to let the faster group through may lose early tee time privileges for the following week.
  • For the purpose of avoiding slow play during peak hours, our golf shop personal may team players up together that have booked individual times.
  • Players hitting their ball in another fairway will wait until the group playing that hole has passed.
  • Foursomes are the maximum group of golfers permitted on the golf course. Violation of this rule can lead to disciplinary procedures and suspension from the club.
  • Be considerate of your fellow golfers by replacing all divots (during the Spring & Fall), raking bunkers, and repairing ball marks on the greens.
  • A player signed up for 9 holes who wishes to continue play, must check with the Pro Shop before heading to the tenth tee box. If playing 18 holes, players must check with the Pro Shop before heading to the tenth tee box.
  • Members who are repeat offenders of these rules will have their playing privileges suspended.

  • Proper golf attire is always required.
  • Soft Spikes are mandatory.
  • Shirts must have collars and men’s must be tucked in.
  • Fashionable golf branded hoodies are permissible.
  • Shorts must be of Bermuda length.
  • No tank tops, no cargo shirts, T-shirts, tights, jeans of any type, warm up suits, leggings, yoga pants, halter-tops, work, or street shoes are permitted.
  • Brims of caps are to face forward.
  • Failure to comply with the dress code will result in the denial of playing privileges and possible suspension from the club.

  • Throwing golf clubs will not be tolerated and will result in a fine or suspension.
  • Excessive foul language is forbidden.
  • Excessive drinking and abusive language will not be tolerated on the golf club property.
  • No outside alcohol is permitted.
  • All alcohol beverages must be purchased from our caterer.
  • Skipping holes during a round is dangerous to golfer safety and is not allowed.
  • Golf holes must be played in consecutive order. Members will be billed for playing extra holes of golf.
  • Damage to the golf course is unacceptable and will result in expulsion from the club.
  • Retrieving golf balls on townhouse property is prohibited.
  • Any complaints about the course, Members, or guests, should be called into the PCC Helpline @ (914) 769-0875 or call the golf shop at (914) 769-2809.

  • The practice facility is open on weekdays at 8:00 am; and after 2:00 pm on weekends/holidays. Members must call the Pro Shop to use the practice facility.
  • The practice facility may not be used during outings, events, and league play.
  • Practice balls are available at the Pro Shop, otherwise yellow practice balls need to be used.
  • When using practice balls from the Pro Shop, Members are given a shag bag of yellow balls and are asked to please retrieve balls and return the shag bag to the Pro Shop.
  • If a golf lesson is in progress and it is not feasible for you to retrieve your practice balls, the balls will be picked up by the staff.
  • There will be no practicing to greens from the fairways or rough anywhere on the course. The golf course is not a practice range. Hitting multiple golf balls into a green is strictly prohibited.
  • Please use the putting green by the Pro Shop for practicing putting.
  • No chipping on the putting green.

  • Members without a USGA handicap index will not be allowed to play in any club tournaments, leagues, or special events.
  • At the completion of a round of 9 or 18 holes, please adjust your score and post on the “MY MGA” app for handicaps.
  • GHIN handicaps are included in the PCC membership fee. Let the Pro Shop know if you need one and if you need assistance registering on the handicap site.

  • Lockers and bag Room storage, to the extent available, will be assigned upon Member request at the Pro Shop.
  • Coolers are not allowed on the course. Water and sport drinks are available in the Pro Shop. All alcoholic beverages may be purchased through the golf course restaurant. Bringing your own alcoholic beverages on the golf course is prohibited.

  • Tuesdays is a league night. The course closes to Members at 4:45 pm from mid-April to the end of September. All carts must be in by 4:30 pm.
  • Tuesday mornings are set aside for women’s golf, starting at 9:00 am. Tee times will be offered before and after their last scheduled tee time.
  • Monday is a day that additional maintenance is performed on the course. The club will open at 12:00 pm.
  • Notices will be posted; however, Members may wish to call in and check for any last-minute changes to the schedule of play.
  • Frost, rain, and weather delays may result in walking only or a delay in scheduled tees times. Please check with our Golf Shop personnel to confirm your possible new tee time and course conditions. Our golf shop staff will also keep you informed of tee time changes or course conditions via text, e-mail, phone, on chronogolf. 
  • PCC maintains the right to suspend or revoke the privileges of any Resident or Non-Resident Members who abuse the facilities or fail to adhere to these PCC course rules and regulations.
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